Marketing & Promotional Products

We Provide Scale Products, Merchandise, 3D logo’s, Promotional Renders And Custom Solutions To Help Build Your Brand

With higher value clients, you want to impress them, without seeming like you’re trying too hard. Often the more creative and subtle attempts leave more lasting impressions. A pen with someone’s name engraved is an example. Scale models of new products and machines is another.

We can help get your product, brand, or service out there. Our customised products are creative, original, useful, and memorable. We can design for you unique merchandise and gifts. Either let us know what you need, or we can also brainstorm with you. Finally, our ongoing support from beginning to end helps keep quality high, and costs reasonable.

Benefits Of Our Marketing And Promotional Products:

Previous clients include award winning ad agencies in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. We’ve helped them deliver on their projects, network with clients, and be at the forefront of creative solutions. Products we’ve supplied include scale machinery models for WEG Motors, custom shot glasses for a beverage distributor and custom pens as corporate gifts.

Our Past Work Includes

  • Shot glasses with clients names, and the brands’ logo.
  • 3D printed custom pens and sunglasses.
  • Scale models of machinery for a global supplier.
  • Tabletop A4 size interactive company logos
  • Custom awards

See examples of previous projects in the gallery above.

General Pricing

We will provide an initial estimate cost of design work per item. Additional required modifications to that which were estimated are either charged as follows;

  • At an hourly rate of £50, if minor.
  • Quote provided if more than 4 hours of work is needed

Production costs are charged on a part by part basis. Quotes are provided, and are dependent on the model.

We have fixed prices for established products like the corporate pens. Please enquire for more specific details.