3D CAD Modelling Services

We Create 3D Models Of Your Parts And Assemblies, Quickly & Accurately

Triangle Prototypes is a reliable and experienced CAD Service supplier, and we are ideal for your outsourced 3D modelling and design. As a result, our services help many businesses that have limited CAD capabilities. We can accurately model your 3D parts, as well as perform basic FEA and CFD simulation work. We can quickly model parts and assemblies to your existing drawings, hand sketches, or reverse engineer them from samples.

These CAD models have been used for:

  • Injection and Rotational Moulding.
  • Making replacement parts, because originals cannot be sourced.
  • 3D printing and CNC prototyping of new products.
  • Modifying existing equipment and refurbishment.
  • Marketing renders and technical drawing creation.

Benefits of our 3D CAD Modelling service:

When carrying out work, there are several factors we aim for:

  • Accuracy for a purpose. Manufacturing tolerances can be included.
  • Comprehensive mechanical part design and development. We can also supply turn key designs, to specification.
  • Quick lead time and ongoing support.
  • Privacy. We treat all your information with a need to know basis, so that your IP is not compromised.
  • Variety of CAD formats available, so we’ll likely be able to provide you with what you need.
  • Competitive rates, with work done by experienced designers and engineers.
  • We also provide 3D printing capabilities.

Our Past Work Includes

  • Providing custom 3D models to small and medium companies, with no inhouse CAD capacity.
  • Modelling of products from manufacturing drawings, due to be used for marketing renders.
  • Modelling of products from 2D manufacturing drawings, due to be used in for CNC machining, or 3D printing.
  • Creating CAD models from provided samples, then used to make replacements.
  • Modelling concepts of new products or tools.

General Pricing

Design work is charged for per part, with an initial estimate provided. Additional required modifications to that which were estimated are either charged as follows;

  • At an hourly rate of £50, if minor.
  • Quote provided if more than 4 hours of work is needed.
  • Specialised simulations or consultancy may require an additional cost, which will be quoted on before or during the project.

As every project is unique, and tailored to you, there is no fixed price. We look at several factors to determine a quote. Among these are:

  • Complexity – The more detail, the longer it takes to model. Specialised designs are usually a higher cost. Features that are less conventional and need extra input add to the complexity.
  • Information Provided By Client – If a model will be made from a physical sample as opposed to existing drawings. The extra time taken to measure the part manually adds some cost.
  • Present-ability – Modeling parts to be aesthetically pleasing will take more time than one designed for purely functional manufacture.
  • Interactive Features – Models that have moving parts, or are part of an assembly need extra checks to ensure they will work as intended.
  • Simulations Required – If parts need to have either FEA or CFD simulation, this is an additional charge.

To find out what we can do for you, please get in touch.