3D Printing Services

We Produce Your Parts Rapidly & Economically, With The Latest Technology And Materials

Also known as ‘Additive Manufacturing’ as a production process. Our 3D Printing technology can bring your designs to reality – quickly, and economically. It also grants freedom to design for purpose, and allows complex geometry to be created at no significant extra cost.

We have years of manufacturing experience – both additive and subtractive, and can provide consultancy for manufacture to ensure you get the best result for your project. We can readily service all major centres across Britain, with a strong link to London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Cardiff.

Why Use Our 3D Printing Services?

A Variety of Processes to Suit Your Application

When it comes to choosing a print process, no one size will fit all. There are a variety of different methods we can use. Each has unique strengths and different materials available to them. We primarily work with polymers such as Nylon, ABS, PLA, High Detail UV Resin, as well as Aluminium and Stainless Steel. Processes vary from SLS, FDM, to ProJet printers. If this sounds like a lot of jargon involved, speak to us, we’ll take you through the advantages of each approach. Our goal is to ensure the best results for your project.

Complex Parts, even Scale Buildings – With High Detail

Organic shapes, complex surface geometry, and fine detail are all possible with our 3D Printing. Many sculptors and artists use organic shapes to create their projects, and increasingly designers and engineers are too when utilizing generative design. Architects need fine details when producing scale models of buildings to convey intent and illustrate features to developers and clients.

Short Run Manufacture

Depending on the size and purpose of the part, our 3D Printing services can be used to produce up to several thousand small parts within small time frames. Not all parts will be eligible for production with this method, but those that are can be made quicker than many traditional methods.

Don’t want to spend big money on Injection Moulds for a part you only want 20 off? Want to customise each part slightly? Find out how 3D Printing can finally allow you to make that happen, without inflated part costs and several month lead times.


Parts produced can be made to suit a range of different applications. Test fitting or client demonstrations require accuracy and correct scale. End use products need made rough, tough, and durable for real world use. Flexible, hard, high detail, polished, waterproof, UV stable, and FDA Food-safe are all properties and finishes that can be achieved.