Product Design Services

We Provide You With Experienced Industrial Product Design Services Based In The UK

We prefer a less is more ethos. Our experience proves this allows the product to be easily used, manufactured, modified and expanded. Not losing sight of simplicity, quality and purpose are critical to a successful attitude. Furthermore, our forte is additive manufacturing (3D printing). Our services begin with working out your idea, through to designing it and to small-scale manufacture. In addition we use a variety of powerful CAD software to create robust designs. We can also provide you with patent and technical drawings if you are looking at overseas production.  Our aim is to be honest and upfront with you, so you can rely on us for your mechanical Industrial Design needs.

We have undertaken Industrial and Product Design projects for many small and medium-sized businesses. We cover main centres in Britain such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Cardiff.

Why Consult With Us on Industrial Product And Engineering Design?

Industrial Design And Design For Manufacture (DFM)

Incorporating much of our Mechanical Part Design service, with the added influence of style, environmental impact, and electronics integration. Developing products with efficiency in mind is a vital part of our process, and we think about its use, across a wide range of situations. To achieve this, we use our experience, advanced and specialist software, as well as rapid prototyping. We also use trusted contacts within the industry, to assist with specialist design requirements.

Marketing And Promotional Products

Since you are starting a new project, often you’ll need some examples to show investors and potential clients. Our capabilities help you engage people, and get them excited about your products or service. We can design scale versions of products, 3D logo’s, promotional renders, and special accessories to support the product.

Either let us know exactly what you need, or we can also brainstorm with you. Finally, our ongoing support from beginning to end helps keep quality high, and costs reasonable.

Mechanical Engineering Design

Our specialty is with mechanical component design for businesses and industry. We know that products and ideas for manufacture, need a broad consideration. Methods of production, cost and also material selection are vital. We match solid engineering, innovative design and economical manufacture, and we don’t cut corners.

Our design process considers loads, material properties, safety, ease and cost of manufacture. Mechanical engineering relies on tried and tested methods. We use the correct standards and practices when designing parts, and can include all manufacturing tolerances where required.

Rapid Prototyping Services

In searching for the best product, often several variations will be prototyped, before a simple, and robust design evolves. Rapid prototyping takes this process and uses advanced software and manufacturing processes – like CNC and 3D printing – to reduce lead time. We emphasise quality in our service. Design For Manufacture advice helps reduce costs, improves ease of manufacture, and reducing assembly time. Our experience with 3D printing and machining also means two things. Firstly, prototypes that accurately test strength and ergonomics. And secondly, we help you learn how the current design works and looks.