Rapid Prototyping Services

We Provide A Full Range Of Services Covering Product Development And Design Validation

For new processes, products, and machinery. Often when an idea needs to be proven, you’ll have several versions that you want to test. We can help manage this for you. We’ll help design your product, and several variations of it, according to your brief. Then after testing, you can then decide which ones to pursue, and we begin refining them. We’ve done this with many companies, and many different products, with excellent results.
Our charges are competitive and include consultation and support. We aim to get the best out of your project.

Benefits of our Rapid Prototyping Service:

In searching for the best product, often several variations will be prototyped, before a simple, and robust design evolves. Rapid prototyping takes this process and uses advanced software and manufacturing processes – like CNC and 3D printing – to reduce lead time. We can refine your idea, work through several variations, and have a final design ready for you to take to manufacturers. All while reducing cost, upfront investment, and time.


  • In search of the best design, we help develop variations that test your products from all angles.
  • We use advanced software and manufacturing processes – like CNC and 3D printing – to reduce lead time.
  • Our services will reduce your costs, upfront investment, and time.
  • Our support is ongoing, and we’re here to help you through the entire product development process.
  • Communication that is clear and honest, and seeks to define your requirements and our capabilities.
  • Privacy and security. We don’t share your information without your express understanding and permission, and not for reasons unrelated to work required.
  • Competitive rates, with work done by experienced designers and engineers.

Our Past Work Includes

  • Single piece containers with complex internal geometry and aerodynamic shape. They include an internal lattice to strengthen the walls, maintaining rigidity and maximising the internal capacity.
  • Compact tabletop Rotational Moulding assemblies and moulds. They were 3D printed and allowed affordable production of hollow containers with 300mm cubic volume.
  • Educational race car kits. These too incorporated 3D printed parts and were designed to be easily assembled by children 8-12 years of age.
  • And many more. We also use Rapid Prototyping extensively with our own Industrial Product Design service.

General Pricing

This service works with your existing 3D models and designs. If you do not have these then please read the section below ‘If Design Work Is Required

Prototype production costs are charged on a part by part basis. Quotes are provided, and are dependent on the model.

When 3D Printing your files, we supply models in either High-Detail or Standard-Detail 3D printed plastic. Which one we use will depend on what you need. The HD material gives an unparalleled level of detail and accuracy matched only by CNC – ideal for showing potential clients and checking tolerances. However, it is more expensive. The Standard-Detail is ideal for testing parts and small run production.

If CNC parts are required these may require additional checks to the 3D models to ensure they can be produced. The accuracy is very good – as is strength, surface finish and a wide variety of materials are available. However they are generally more expensive per part than 3D printing, unless ordered in larger quantities.

If Design Work Is Required:

If a model needs to be made then we will provide an initial estimate cost of design work per part. Additional required modifications to that which were estimated are either charged as follows;

  • At an hourly rate of £50, if minor.
  • Quote provided if more than 4 hours of work is needed.
  • Specialised simulations or consultancy may require an additional cost, which will be quoted on before or during the project.

If a model is provided but needs fixing/modification, then a fee to do so will be quoted on – additional to the print costs.