Please browse through some of our recent CAD projects below. Triangle Prototypes has experience with mechanical engineering, manufacturing and design, 3D Printing and CNC machining. We design from the ground up, utilising years of experience in Industrial and Product Design.

Most of our work is under NDA’s so we are unable to show it. What we’ve shown below highlights some of our capabilities. You’ll find examples of CAD Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Design For Manufacture and 2D Technical Drawings. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us.

Battery Test Chamber – Perkin Elmer

Triangle Prototypes were approached by Perkin Elmer to design and prototype a small, airtight container. This container would house a button battery during testing. The tests would monitor the battery with a special microscope inside a vacuum chamber.

The criteria for the container included:

  • Be a very low profile to fit under the microscope,
  • Have a sealed viewing window,
  • Have sealed electrical connectors attached to the battery to measure charge,
  • Be use-able by a gloved hand inside the vacuum chamber. 

Triangle Prototypes handled all aspects of the design and also organised rapid prototyping. We delivered two different versions of the design for testing – all within two months from initial enquiry. The prototypes performed to spec and were cost effective to produce as well. We designed an innovative Screw-Lok mechanism that could be used with gloves, and did not leak.

This is one of our recent CAD projects that shows us doing what we do best. Triangle Prototypes produce high quality designs and deliver excellent parts. 

Watch Renders – James Wani Watches

James Wani Watches in Australia needed high quality product renders of all their offerings, to display on their website.
Triangle Prototypes’ first step was to re-create the watch as a 3D CAD Model – as per manufacturing drawings. This included modelling both leather and metal link straps, as well as textures.
Once we had the models, we then need to set up the materials and lighting in our rendering software. The aim here was to look photo-realistic. We tweaked and tested different settings until we were happy. Thereafter, we set about rendering all the versions – in total nearly 100 separate renders!

We think the images speak for themselves.


See some examples above or the full range on the James Wani webpage.

Plastic Shredder Concept – Precious Plastic/Internal Development

From time to time, an internal project will be conceived to challenge our status quo.
This project was to design an industrial plastic shredder. Triangle Prototypes then donated the design to a non-profit environmental group known as Precious Plastic. They are an international collective of designers, makers, marketers and volunteers. Precious Plastic’s goal is to re-purpose plastic waste, in a realistic and sustainable way.

The shredder design has to be robust, simple, and cheap to manufacture. It needs to be accessible to makers in 3rd world regions. Our concept was to use an electric motor and simple mechanical drive train to drive ‘shredders’ and ‘chippers’. These work in tandem to break up larger pieces of plastic waste and chip them in smaller fragments. The smaller pieces are easier to post-process. This work flow would all be housed within a movable and enclosed chassis that enables portability and safety. Estimated plastic throughput is 100kg/hour.

See the Precious Plastic webpage here for info on how you can also help.

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