Professional CAD Services

We Offer A Wide Variety Of Professional CAD Services That Cover Design & Testing To Marketing, Production & Manufacture

Our CAD Service is ideal if you have an existing design, or it’s still an idea. We’ll either design from the ground up, or reverse engineer samples. Further more, we can also provide a comprehensive list of services to suit you.
We cover both 2D and 3D design. Our options include producing technical drawings for manufacture, 3D models, assemblies, in addition to realistic renders and visualisations. We can also equip you with knowledge of expected performance using simulations, and a Bill Of Materials. As a result we can provide manufacturers with technical drawings, models and information to manufacture your parts. In addition, we can also make them for you. When you need parts 3D printed then our file repair service, and topology optimisation techniques reduce errors and decrease costs. 

We help clients with their outsourced CAD needs in centre’s like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Cardiff, or countrywide. 

Why utilise our CAD Services?

3D Parametric Modelling

We wield this as one of the most powerful tools in design. We can design products, fine tune and check them, and if required, run FEA and CFD simulations. From there we can build parts into assemblies, and export them directly to a manufacturer to be used for production. Or, if you already know what you need, we can model directly from drawings and references.

To aid development of parts, it’s beneficial to have a clear idea of what the eventual physical parts would be like. With 3D models, selecting materials and surface finishes is simple. Furthermore, analysis of weights, centre of gravity, proportion and accessibility can be included. 

2D Drafting & Technical Drawings, Annotated Renders, Patent Drawings

You can easily share and discuss part dimensions and tolerances with multiple people using custom drawings. Staff on the ground, or overseas manufacturers find these useful to provide easily accessible information. We can combine these with part renders for a visual impact to be used in meetings and concept variations. You can showcase the visual elements of the model whilst still outlining key dimensions.

Topology Optimisation And Lattices – 3D Printing Design

With 3D printing, part geometry can now be radically different. We can use FEA simulation to estimate part characteristics and strength before production. Our design software can show load stresses, material properties, visual appearance and assemblies of moving parts. We can use the data gathered from this process to help design a part, that is strong, lightweight, and looks futuristic and organic.

The benefits of topology optimisation and lattices are best realised with 3D printing. Our years of experience in the industry means we know how to design parts to suit. Lower cost, less assembly required, better designs and products.

Realistic Renders And Visualisations

Digitally showcase your project with photo-realistic renders, which can be just as impressive as photographs. You will find them valuable to convey the look, before a product has been made. Marketers and salespeople can use them to complement an exhibit and secure interest. Use them on websites, crowdfunding and in magazines for marketing. Bring the product to life visually, without getting caught behind all the technical details.