Technical CAD Drafting

Experts In Providing Your Project Technical Engineering Drafting And Drawings

We create professionally annotated and numbered drawings from existing paper copies to digital CAD formats. We can also convert 3D assembly, or part models to projected 2D manufacturing and part drawings – with/without Bill Of Materials (BOM). Our capabilities include reverse engineering samples into 2D layouts, patent drawings, assembly and maintenance manuals, and designing conceptual and rendered marketing images.

As with all our services, we emphasise accurate and quality drafting, with reasonable lead-times.

2D Engineering Drawing Services:

We offer a comprehensive range of capabilities to engineers, managers, technicians and inventors. Our ongoing support will ensure you get the best service, whenever you need it.

  • Drawings made for new parts, assemblies and machines.
  • CAD Drawings made from existing paper copies or hand sketches.
  • Drawings and layouts made from provided physical samples.
  • Manufacturing drawings with tolerances, construction detail and Bill Of Materials.
  • Assembly and maintenance manuals.
  • Drawings with 3D renders included for presentation/clarification.

Benefits of our service:

  • Professional assembly or part model drawings, with details clear and easy to find.
  • Have a part but no drawing? We can measure the sample and create drawings to suit.
  • Detailed patent drawings, assembly and maintenance manuals. We make sure everything is clear.
  • Design of conceptual and rendered marketing layouts. We can use 3D renders and 2D drawings to create clear and visually impressive presentations.
  • Fast service, to specification.
  • Specialists in mechanical drafting.
  • We use industry leading Autodesk software and can provide you with a variety of file types. Including AutoCAD DWG, DXF and PDF.
  • All drawings supplied are 300 DPI High Resolution. We can offer you any size from a postage stamp to a full-size banner. Standard size is A3, and all drawings are quoted at that size unless requested otherwise.

General Pricing

We will provide an initial estimate cost, based on the scope of work and level of detail required. Additional required modifications to that which were estimated are either charged as follows;

  • At an hourly rate of £50, if minor.
  • Quote provided if more than 4 hours of work is needed.

We look at several factors to determine a quote. Among these are:

  • Detail Required – The more complex a part is, the longer it takes to setup, layout and annotate. Detail includes the complexity of features, amount of views required, tolerances required, notes, Bill Of Materials etc.
  • Exploded/Assembly Views – Whether you need exploded or assembly views.
  • Post-Processing – Whether you need drawings provided as rendered, or edited into a montage or conceptual layout.

To find out what we can do for you, please get in touch.