About us

Triangle Prototypes – Some Of What We Do, And Why

Originally started in 2015 in New Zealand, and incorporated in 2016, Triangle Prototypes began with one purpose. That purpose was to push boundaries with 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) design and manufacturing and to lead the way. In early 2018 the decision was made to move to the UK, to be better placed to take advantage of new, innovative technology.

I found that during my nearly 10-year background in engineering and production, I increasingly gravitated towards lean design. With the experience and insight I had in manufacturing, I saw how 3D printing could eventually become viable, and established. However, I also realised that the mindsets of designers were not keeping up. As a result, most designs are still based around traditional methods of production.

Triangle Prototypes, therefore, had its goals. To design and produce parts and products that are smarter, leaner, and targeted. We can now enable custom design, and short production runs for small businesses. Like we did with Sweet Mickie’s pastry stamps. We can also produce scale architectural models as we did for Lifestyle Communities. Or stunning photo-realistic renders of a new product line like we also did for James Wani watches. Also, there are many more specialist engineering and advanced designs we cannot mention.

We are now based in and cover the United Kingdom. When you deal with Triangle Prototypes, you’ll get the best yet that we can offer, every time. Innovative ideas,¬†high quality and advanced designs, and smarter manufacturing. That’s the future we’re working toward.

Phillip Seys,

Founder and Director